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Posted 26 January 2020 at 8:00 am

My Mood Ring

What do you think of My Mood Ring? It is pretty big isn’t it. It has to be because it has the unique ability to gauge moods.

This particular bauble I acquired on eBay many years ago. I don’t wear it that often because it is quite heavy. The Mood Ring came to be in 1975 and changes colors based on your bodies temperature. Oops, I mean mood.

I saw someone wearing a ring very similar to this when I was on vacation. I had to have it and after much research learned it was a Lucky Brand ring. It was out of my price range so like most people I took to eBay. I was particularly drawn to it because it was encased with a peace sign. There are many peace signs, but this one was created in the 1960’s, which was the decade of my birth. Huh, another sign I had to have it.

This bauble had three important things going for it, #1 It was a Ring, #2 It could tell me my mood if I was ever unsure and #3 The sides of the ring had a unique floral mosaic on it.

I figured a ring encased in a peace sign had to have some super powers in it to keep my mood at peace. You see, I can justify anything if I work at it hard enough. After a lengthy search I found it and bought it at a price I could afford.

At this current moment the ring is dark violet on the outside with a mixture of blue and green on the inside and a touch of amber on the edge. Oh dear, this is getting very complicated. According to the color chart my mood is passionate, yet nervous, calm and relaxed. OK, I am going to accept that because I am a Gemini which is the sign of the twins, plus I am also a middle-aged lady. Really though, I think it is spot on.

I am passionate because I am doing something I love in creating this Post, nervous that I get it right and people get a smile out of it, calm because I am enjoying some hot tea, and relaxed because I am home being creative. Well there you go! Who knew that a silly little bauble could have such power…Um, this Girl knew.

Sometimes all you need is a teaspoon of faith, a cup of silliness and splash of a dream to create a recipe for a miraculous outcome. Next time you see something that speaks to you, take the journey to seek it out. You just never know the joy and amusement it could bring to you. My Mood Ring is not only a truth-teller and an accessory, but it brings me back to age 4, when anything was possible – even a ring that can show your feelings to the world. It is a precious gift to be able to share your feelings with others. So don’t hold back when it is done in kindness and fun. Be bold and transparent, like the Mood Ring, yet do it in a spirit of creating peace like the symbol that encases it. Who knew a Mood Ring could inspire all that 🙂

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