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Posted 13 December 2020 at 8:00 am

Gifts from the Heart

The upcoming Holiday puts me to thinking about gift giving. The gift is in the giving not in the receiving, truly. For me the best gifts are not those that are shiny and new, but the ones that are created or passed down.

My brother likes to draw pictures that have a message which holds a special meaning for the recipient. Those are precious because they are created from his brain and through his eyes. Not to mention they take much time and love to create. Then there are those gifts that are passed down like my Grandma’s ring that my Aunt Linda gifted me.

Today I pay special tribute to the Sundial pictured above. A very special lady gifted this to me at my Positivity Party in the fall. She said that it had been hers for many, many years. She used to always take it to the garden with her so she could tell what time it was while she was working. The dial itself does not move, however once you initially place this in the appropriate position, the sun will create a shadow throughout the day so you can tell what time it is. On the dial it reads “Set me right and use me well and the time to you I will tell.” I felt it meant a lot to her, so it meant a lot to me, too.

When something like this is given to you it makes you think about the person and their life. It humbles you to think they would gift it to you. A treasure that guided one throughout their days of work and labor. A work that brought them so much comfort, peace and happiness. This special lady laughs like the sun is in her soul. It is an admirable quality because she has known great pain and loss in her life. Although she carries this pain in her heart and mind daily, her strength is apparent in the way she carries herself with a smile and an eagerness to love and be loved by her family and her friends who love her so much.

This gift she passed down to me is more than metal with numbers on it. It is a reminder to always let the sun shine bright within all of us and let it lead us through our days. Even if there is a shadow cast upon us at any given time, the dial will show us the sunlight that is in the past, our memories – and in our future, the possibilities. It is a legacy of Perseverance and Positivity that she has passed down to me.

So this holiday as you embark on your holiday gift giving, perhaps there is a special talent you have that could create a meaningful gift inspired by your love for someone or a special momentum from your life that gave you guidance or joy that could hold special meaning for someone.

These gifts are more priceless than anything money can buy, even a shiny new ring. Yep I said it…even a shiny new ring. And for my friend Janie, I will treasure this Sundial for all my days knowing that the shadows it casts are just a moment in time and the light that follows will bring everlasting joy and peace.

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Debbie  London