Sunday Morning Positive Perks from your Sassy Small Town Missus

Posted 25 October 2020 at 11:42 am

Hope, Faith, Life

My Sister Kristi sent me this picture she took on October 3rd. It was taken in her city of Billings, MT. Here is what she writes: “I saw this bright beautiful flower on my walk with Hazel this morning. This graceful flower bloomed in a dry, desolate, bleak plot of land. There is life. I pray that we can bloom like that in a world that is so bleak….by God’s grace.”

Wow. Just sit with those words and that image for a few moments…. That image, those words – they get you right in the gut. It is hope and resilience.

The strong sturdy stem of the sunflower casting its shadow of life onto the dry soil framed by a heavenly blue sky. It is showing the surrounding weeds that beauty can come from this ground, too.

I love the stillness this image displays. There is no harshness in the space of the blossom, only peace. This bloom started from a seed. It had two options, #1 give in to the dirt, dust and jaggedness of the surrounding rocks and allow it to swallow it up or #2 find the sunshine and thrive.

The message God gave my sister was that even when the days seem bleak, with faith beautiful things can sprout. We need to make the choice to thrive beautifully with grace and tolerance.

The night I received this photograph, I really needed to see that. Seems lately, like many of you, my faith in goodness and light are being tested. Somedays uncertainty and anxiety take hold and it can be hard to shake. Something always happens, whether it be a story that is shared with me, a kind gesture, seeing someone who is suffering showing gratitude rather than grief or a photo like this one that brings me back to reality.

The reality is that life is built on struggles, ups and downs and challenges. You know what I love? When someone I do not know greets me with a warm smile or says hello. Sounds so basic. But sometimes the most basic moments can be the most meaningful.

How we approach those moments will make or break us. Resolve to get your head out of your device and greet others. Look into others’ eyes. See and appreciate their struggles and joys. This little blossom is gracefully and beautifully proving that life is beautiful with a sprinkle of nurturing and grace. Grace that we can all be humbled by witnessing others ability to blossom during tough times.

The sunflower had a message that day I want to share…it is that you or WE got this. Challenges do not have to break us. Sometimes a little dust is character building. It is OK to struggle and have doubts sometime. It most certainly won’t feel good, but there is great power gained by getting to the other side. It makes us stronger if we don’t bend to the pressure and let the cynicism take over. Take a page out of this blossom’s story. Be a survivor and an inspiration to others with your beauty and grace. Tilt your head to the sun and feel the warmth in the world. Share inspiration.

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Debbie London