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Posted 18 October 2020 at 7:38 am

The Benefits of 12 Toes

Funniest thing about Fin is that when she is hiding she leaves her 12 toes sticking out in plain view. Every time it is a dead give away! All those toes have made her the most mischievous cat we have ever parented.

Finny likes to beg for attention by meowing around or poking her whiskers in your work space. As soon as I pick her up and force kisses upon her, she whacks me with those big paws. I hope she uses that tactic on all the boy felines out in the bushes where she plays all the time. No doubt they have turned their affections on her, she is a smart and beautiful little girl. Too smart for those shenanigans.

Can you imagine what life would be like if you had 12 appendages! Are you one of those people who when you carry items in from your car, try to pack as many items in your fingers as possible to avoid an extra trip? Can’t tell you how many times I have tried that only to drop everything mid destination. If you had 12 appendages imagine the items you could successfully carry. Or, how many times has someone spoken to you and you have heard enough so you hold up the palm of your hand to let them know to save their oxygen.

If you had 12 appendages you could really show how serious you were. Also, it would be way easier to count one dozen on your hands if you had a total of 12 digits available. Another benefit would be the over the head hand slap. It would be way more enthusiastic with 6 appendages. I think it would be called a high six, instead of a high five.

I don’t know about you all, but I have little hands. Like that of a 9 year old boy. I was not blessed with long beautiful fingers. Sometimes it is difficult to grasp items or open jars with little grabbers, it would be quite beneficial to have one extra grabber to work with. No one wants to ask their husband to help with something because their fingers can not handle it on their own.

I know someone who lost an appendage in a machinery accident. They seem to have adjusted just fine, but wouldn’t it have been wonderful if they had a spare for such an unfortunate situation. My friend who works with me, she has trigger finger. This literally makes her pointer finger useless when it locks up. If she had 12 appendages, it would not be such a hardship. The extra finger could just jump in and help out. If my husband had 12 appendages that would be awesome for a back scratch or massage. Only problem is that his back scratches or messages only last about 29 seconds, so they may be wasted on him. Little Finny is a female calico kitty.

Fun fact, Did you know that most calico cats are female? Well of course this is all silliness, but I sure hope it gave you 3 minutes of smiles. Gotta go, Finny is meowing at the door of The Positivity Pen, she loves when I hold her paws in my hand. Too bad those big paws couldn’t open the door.

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Deborah London