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Posted 9 August 2020 at 8:00 am

Starfish Intuition

Several years back, my husband and I were vacationing in Aruba. With our snorkeling gear in hand, we headed into the clear blue waters and began to search for creatures on the shallow floor of the ocean.

What a treat when we spotted two large starfish. In my ignorance, I picked it up and lifted it out of the water so my husband could snap a photo of me with it. I later learned that starfish need the water to breathe. The air can be toxic, and they can die if you do this – oh no!

During my photo op, I could see the little suction cups on the bottom of its limbs moving. At that moment, I dropped the starfish back in the water, because my intuition was telling me that the starfish was in distress. Just like humans need to listen to their intuition, the starfish also is known for its intuitive ways.

There are more than 1,500 species of starfish. Most have five limbs, but some have up to 15. Their average lifespan is 35 years. Also known as sea stars, starfish are said to represent guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance and intuition.

I found it a bit concerning when I came across another starfish that was missing a limb. However, I learned that starfish intuitively shed their limbs as a defense mechanism and then regenerate new ones. That is why the starfish spirit animal is known for its ability to heal itself over time. It has the superpower to quickly shed the toxic or threatening aspect of its life and replace it with something blissful.

Theory has it that the discerning nature of the starfish views situations in terms of good or bad. There is no gray area. I tend to be like that myself. I find that if I am faced with a choice of decision or opinion, I form my conclusions based on what my intuition tells me is right or wrong.

Many people’s decisions factor in different variables or circumstances that may influence a situation, the “gray area.” That could prove very prudent, because not all situations have the same cause. If you can do that and still come to a clear answer, then that is a well-rounded choice.

For me, it muddies my brain, so I have to just go with right or wrong, just like the starfish.

They say that if you dream of starfish, your mind is trying to rid itself of a distressing situation and is about to unearth a resolution. How fascinating! Can you imagine if, every time we encounter a sticky situation, we could simply shed it from our universe? It is called self-sustaining, or the ability to keep ourselves healthy without assistance from anyone.

We all have that power within us to do what is right for us. It is OK to self-sustain because if we are not happy, we can not make others happy. When something is weighing on our minds, let’s be like starfish and shed the toxic or threatening element, and regenerate a new “limb,” one full of love, renewal, hope and possibilities.

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Debbie London