Sunday Morning Positive Perks from your Sassy Small Town Missus

Posted 17 May 2020 at 8:00 am

A hair-raising situation

O M G. I am sure that is what you must be thinking right now when this week’s post is based around this photo. What is it you may wonder…part of an animal? Well kinda, it is part of the human variety of animal. It is my fake hair piece!

I don’t really need any more hair right now. I have not been to the beauty parlor since December. I try to go every 3 months which brought me right into…yep you guessed it, the end of March. Dang, bad timing.

There has been much chatter lately among those of us who could use a good tango with the scissors. Who knew that such an essential part of our lives would lead to panic buying for hair products. And yes, I said essential part of our lives.

A good hair grooming not only aids in good hygiene but it makes us all feel a bit lighter and not just atop our heads, but in our spirits, too. I truly believe when we feel good on the outside we are more productive and happy people, which is truly essential.

My puppy went to the beauty parlor last week to get cleaned up to keep her skin and eyes healthy. If only I was a dog I could get some grooming, feel lively and wag my tail a bit too. My band of fake hair is really handy these days. I just gather up all those loose ends and wrap that fake hair around them nice and tightly. I have even scored some light brown highlights by incorporating this into my head of hair. Now my hair has real character. It’s dark brown, light brown and gray! Who says a 50-plus year old lady can’t be sassy, not this girl.

A couple years back at my shop a customer of mine and great local lady, Denise Cornick, came in with her hair wrapped in the prettiest scarf. I asked her to show me the method and kindly she took off her scarf to show me. I tried myself with no success and I really wish I could figure that out.

My husband is another story. You see he can not get away with fake hair or a scarf. Good news is he has a great head of hair, bad news is that is now growing well below his ears. In my most persuasive voice I asked him to allow me to take the grooming scissors to his head of hair.

He is still thinking about it. In my house when my husband says he will think about it, it usually is a solid no. So I guess he will continue to go rogue or just wear his hat.

Remember the days when families could just cut each others hair. My Mom used to cut my hair. Boy was that traumatic. I can remember a few times running to my room shell shocked by what I just witnessed in the mirror…bangs all crooked and jacked up looking like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber.

Since we can not look at people’s smiles behind masks, let’s check out each other’s hairdos. You never know when inspiration might strike. Now that could lead to some hair raising trends.

? Keep fighting the good fight and rock those locks proudly. To share your hair secrets and see my hairpiece on, visit my blog live online at and catch up on weekly photo perks and past posts. Like and share your comments. Happy Perks to Everyone!

Deborah London