Sunday Morning Positive Perks from your Sassy Small Town Missus

Posted 3 May 2020 at 8:00 am

Buds at spring offer lots of hope

Have you noticed all the buds on the trees?

This time of year I am always looking to the trees for signs of new life. You have to make sure to do this with a keen eye because you can be fooled by those leftover pod shells from last year’s foliage.

Right now many varieties of trees and bushes are full of buds just eager to pop open. Seems each year it is the willow trees that burst first. Nothing promises summer more than a pretty willow with its droopy branches. Makes a person long for those upcoming summer days when the heat makes us all feel a bit droopy.

Tree buds actually form at the end of summer and lay dormant for the winter. The little leaves and flowers stay protected from the harsh coldness of winter inside those protective buds. Kinda how we stay nice and warm waiting for springtime in our snug little coats. All that good winter thaw and fresh spring rain is just what those trees need to help their little buds open, along with some warmth and sunshine.

Sounds alot like people. Give us some water, sun and warmth and we spring to life. Look outside when springtime is upon us and signs of laughter and adventure are everywhere! People are out walking, riding bicycles, sitting on their porches…listening to the birds perched atop branches, waiting for those buds to open up as well, and show us the beauty they have been harboring.

You may wonder what happens if a warm spells in the mist of winter tricks the bud into opening and then it gets cold again. Well that leaf will get zapped with cold and turn black.

Google has assured me that such instances are rare. Trees are smart to Mother Nature and their internal hormones let them know when enough time has elapsed since winter began, making it safe for those buds to open.

My backyard is full of trees and begins to fill in with the greenery that bestows me the privacy and beauty created by Mother Nature right around Mother’s Day…interesting parallel.

My favorite backyard buds are the Mock-Orange. For one simple reason..they bless me twice in spring! First because the backyard is full of them which creates a privacy boarder of greenery along the side of the yard and second because by the end of May tiny little white blossoms open up creating the most sweet scent in the backyard.

So be sure to take some time in the next couple weeks and stroll around. Look up to the trees and over to the bushes. Notice their little buds and check back to see what they have been hiding under their “coats” all winter.

Just like tree buds in springtime, it is a beautiful time for us to shed those protective “Buds” we have been wearing all winter and see the hope and beauty spring rewards us with outdoors.

Be like a tree and make your dreams be like buds waiting to burst open with zest and breathe of new life.

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Deborah London