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Posted 12 April 2020 at 8:00 am

My Basket of Eggs

It is Easter Weekend so I thought I would share my basket of eggs. I boiled and dyed them myself. Aren’t they so colorful, the perfect way to brighten Easter and celebrate spring? Love the way the sun is bouncing off the eggs like little beacons of hope on the horizon. As usual this got me to wondering…why eggs at Easter?

It all started with the desire to not be wasteful. In history, eggs were not permitted after lent. So in an effort to keep them from going to waste, eggs were hard boiled in hopes to preserve them until after lent.

In following lent all kinds of interesting things happen to the Easter Egg within different cultures. Jewish people peel them and dip them in salt water prior to their celebrations. The Mediterranean people will have an egg-banging ceremony where they bang their eggs together and the last one with an unbroken egg is deemed to have good luck for the year.

Some other fun traditions are Easter Egg Hunts, Rolling Parties and even an Egg Dance Party where everyone dances around the eggs in an effort to not break them. Definitely doing that last one this year.

The coloring of the Eggs is a very diverse tradition as well. Different cultures do very unique decorating of their eggs. Check them out on Wikipedia, some of them are truly spectacular, not like my simple little marble eggs above. On My Perks Post Page there is a picture of an egg my cousin Michele did. Now that is a proper way to celebrate the Easter Egg.

The egg itself is a symbol of fertility and rebirth. Seems appropriate for the season since Easter is the day Jesus was resurrected and spring itself is a season of rebirth and resurrections of all those beautiful trees and flowers that lay dormant in the winter. Makes people get all up in their feels knowing that the universe is offering a fresh start each spring.

To be serious though, my favorite egg is not the boiled egg, but rather the Cadbury Creme Egg. Which brings me to my next observation, the Easter Egg has inspired all kinds of eggs, notably the chocolate foiled eggs, the speckled malt eggs (love those), the Reese’s Peanut Butter egg and other sweet confections.

Many of our Easters this year will be a lot quieter than past years. Everyone is practicing good social distancing so we can all be together again real soon. So try not to be down about it, maybe color a few eggs, put some music on and dance to celebrate the resurrection of our lives which is on the horizon. Call someone who needs a little Easter boost or better yet video chat. Make yourself a ham sandwich and drink some wine!

Whatever you do today know that just as Jesus rose up, we will rise up too. Because we were all made in the divine image. Here is a little Easter blessing: “I wish you and your loved ones the renewal of love, life and joy. Have a Blessed Easter.”

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Debbie Burgoon London
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