Summer park program is in final week with lots to do at Albion

Posted 30 July 2014 at 12:00 am

From the Albion Parks

By John Grillo, Albion Recreation Program director

Last week was another week of growth and success for the Summer Parks Program. We had very good attendance at each park.

On Monday the wrestling camp started with a great group of campers learning new maneuvers, skills, technique and doing live wrestling. On Tuesday, the parks conducted special events and activities that all the children seemed to enjoy. On Wednesday, The Genesee-Orleans Youth Bureau came to Bullard Park with a nutrition lesson and organized several games.

On Thursday, the parks were bused to the Orleans County Fair. While at the Fair, the children observed a dog obedience show, horse show contest, visited all the sections of animals, walked through all the exhibits and enjoyed the food vendors. On Friday, the parks had a pizza party. That day was “Take your Parent or Grandparent Day to the Parks.”

Due to the hot temperatures earlier in the week, each park had water activities. A blow-up wading pool, slip and slide and old fashion water games were very popular those days. Other activities this week included the children’s favorite game of dodge ball and whiffleball. Many children played old school games such as rubber quoits, table tennis and carom pool. These fun and competitive activities have been in the summer parks program for several years.

The 13 Park Supervisors continue to do a wonderful job of supervising, directing and maintaining a fun and safe place to be. Caitlin Francis, continued to do a great job with the arts and crafts at all the parks throughout the week.

This week there is a Volleyball Camp that starts at 9 am at the High School and continues all week through Friday. On Wednesday (today), the Recreation Department will be sponsoring a Senior Citizens Day Picnic along with a Park Picnic for the children. All park children will meet at Bullard Park for the fun filled day.

(The Senior Citizen’s Day Picnic will go from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the east end pavilion at Bullard Park in Albion. All Senior Citizens are welcome to attend. Senior Citizens are urged to bring a dish to pass and optional place setting. The menu will include hot dogs, hamburgers, pop, chicken wings, pizza, and treats. There will be some fun games and activities provided, if you wish to participate. The Village of Albion Recreation Department sponsors the picnic.)

Thursday will be Arts and Crafts Day along with organized water games. All types of games, musical activities, and low keyed competition will be conducted at all three parks as well. Friday will conclude the summer parks program for the season. These fun activities are still available for anyone wishing to register at any of the three village parks for the final week.

Remember to keep an eye open for the “Spray Water Park” project meetings. That would be a great facility for children and adults in and around the community.