Suit against NRA isn’t an attack on the right to own a gun

Posted 7 August 2020 at 8:36 am


Guns are a big concern in this rural county. Rightfully so.

The suit to dissolve the NRA, if that’s the penalty,  will simply mean that checks, deposits, and receipts demonstrate corruption.

It will not end gun ownership or conservations about them. The right to own a gun – by a reasonably responsible person in a way that is not legally irresponsible or reasonably restricted to ensure generally against unsafe use – is enshrined in our Constitution.

It should be no surprise that very bad people get away with a lot until they are caught despite the smiles, stories, lies, and claims they are wonderful, maligned. Indeed a few churches have, for example, been corrupted by their leaders but good people still worship. Fire Departments etc. have had their tills raided but brave firefighters have not been deterred.

Abolishing the NRA and court ordered restitution to its members will simply mean that financially honest people will be doing the talking and be required to take good self governance seriously – with no kickbacks, theft, side deals, and funneling of foreign money to candidates. Does anyone wonder – with money and crazy talk off the table nationwide – if honest and well informed people can talk in good faith rather than be rightly suspicious?

Conrad Cropsey