Students make military dog tags for Operation Honor

Posted 6 December 2021 at 9:35 am

68 tags represent local veterans who passed away from October 2020 to October 2021

Press Release and photos from Orleans/Niagara BOCES

MEDINA – Bill Rakonczay’s Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) program were proud to help out Operation Honor of Orleans County.

Jenn Thom, co-leader of the organization, reached out to the class to see if they would design some military dog tags.

The Orleans Career and Technical Education Center class made 68 tags that represented the local veterans that passed away from October 2020 till October 2021. The tags will be placed on the tree in front of the library in Lyndonville. After the holidays the tags will be given to a member of the veteran’s family.

Three AME students were involved in this project: Bobby Vidovich (Medina) designed the tags and made the custom fixture to hold them. Nate Sauls (Newfane) programmed the Fusion 360 (a cloud based 3D modeling, CAD, CAM, CAE and PCB software platform for product design and manufacturing). Timmy Goerss (Newfane) ran the CNC Mill.

“It was such a proud moment to do such a special job for our local community,” says Mr. Rakonczay.