Holley students create plaques for Woodlands pavilion

Posted 9 June 2013 at 12:00 am

Courtesy of Holley Central School – The Holley Sports Booster Club accepted plaques from art students for the Woodlands Soccer Field. Pictured, from left: Bob Brice, Sports Booster Club president; students Corinne Lamorie and Gionni Kowalski; and art teacher Brandi Zavits.

Press release
Holley Central School

HOLLEY – Two high school students, junior Corinne Lamorie and freshman Gionni Kowalski put their artistic abilities to work on a Sports Booster Club project that will enhance the pavilion at the Woodlands Soccer Field.

Working with art teacher Brandi Zavitz and Sports Booster Club President Bob Brice, the students designed and created eight oval-shaped plaques, one for each of the sports played at Holley.

The plaques will be hung inside the pavilion at Woodlands as a finishing touch to Booster Club upgrades occurring there this summer.

“The work Corinne and Gionni did is absolutely beautiful and will enhance the pavilion in a meaningful way,” Zavitz said.

Brice, who is coordinating the pavilion upgrades added, “We’re not only thrilled to replace what’s there now but we are especially excited to be able to showcase wonderful artwork for many years to come. Our thanks to Corinne and Gionni!”