Students from Orleans make President’s List at GCC

Staff Reports Posted 20 June 2018 at 10:47 pm

BATAVIA – Genesee Community College has named 280 students to the President’s List. Students honored on the President’s List have maintained full-time enrollment and earned a quality point index of 3.75 (roughly equivalent to an A) or better.

• from Albion – Nicholas Johnson, Jessica Kincaid, Kastriot Bela, Kelsi Nice, Angela Westlund, Richard Vanderwedge, Alex De Smit, Lauren Becht, Trisha Brooks, Aleah Foos and Owen Foos.

• from Holley – Shannon Parsons, Madeline Rowley, Cassandra McCormack, Cameron Bennage, Nicholas Merlau, Kirsten Newbould, Heather Ramsey, Jessica Scott and Starlyt Knight.

• from Kent – Emily Boyle.

• from Kendall – Robert Cook and Richard Wolf.

• from Knowlesville – Chase McAdoo.

• from Lyndonville – Steven Boring, Abigeil Rodriguez and Gina Hagerty.

• from Medina – Arden Zavitz, Dawn Laskey, Dustin Wells, Tiffany Petry, Ace Strickland, Emma Ambrose, Corinne Johnson and Emma Wilson.

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