Student athletes deserve support, including when they compete for neighboring schools

Posted 23 September 2019 at 7:52 am


Unfortunately we live in a time where all our student athletes are not able to participate in the sport or program of their choice in the school district in which they live.

Fortunately neighboring districts have recognized this and are willing to allow our student athletes to participate in their programs.

We live in the Barker Central School District. I work in the Lyndonville Central School District.

This weekend we had our “Mustang Pride” sign stolen from our yard.

Our student athletes are proud to be “Mustangs” for 3 months a year in the Medina football program.

Our student athletes are gladly “Rams” for 3 months a year in their wrestling program.

Our student athletes are thrilled to be “Barker Raiders” for 3 months a year in their own district’s baseball program – all while maintaining a GPA of 90 or above.

For a student athlete to participate in programs in a school district not their own is a huge commitment. They do it for the love of the sport, program and their teammates.

Our clothesline in the back yard consists of red, white and blue; purple and white; orange and black; and maroon and white.

We are proud of all of it!

We support our student athletes regardless of where or for whom they play, and you should, too.

Beth Hill