Strong Museum hosts forum on future of Canal on Friday

Photos by Tom Rivers: There were 650 cyclists passing through Orleans County on Monday for the annual Cycle the Erie Canal trip. These participants are heading east in Ridgeway near the Canal Culvert. The canal in recent years has become more popular for its recreational trails.

Posted 11 July 2017 at 9:43 am

Press Release, Strong Museum

ROCHESTER – The Strong museum announces plans to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal in partnership with the New York State Canal Corporation.

The activities include a public forum about the economic impact and future of the canal on Friday, July 14, at 10 a.m., and two days of family activities on Saturday and Sunday, July 15 and 16, celebrating the Erie Canal and the Finger Lakes region.

These cyclists head east past Presbyterian Road along the towpath in Albion on Monday.

“Few cities have a more tangible connection to the Erie Canal than Rochester. The city and canal have been intertwined for nearly 200 years,” said Brian Stratton, director of the New York State Canal Corporation. “Rochester has the unique ability to tell the story of what the Erie Canal was and what it will become, and we’re pleased to share this story at The Strong.”

The activities at The Strong will be among hundreds of events taking place throughout the state and along the canal to recognize its role in stimulating trade, exploration, and innovation.

Erie Canal Public Forum

The Strong hosts the first of three Erie Canal public forums across the state on Friday. The event—held in conjunction with the New York State Canal Corporation, Rockefeller Institute, and State University of New York—takes place in the theater and includes a keynote address about the current state of the canal system by Stratton and a panel discussion about the future of the system made up of area experts from the worlds of economic development, tourism, and agriculture.

The event, which will be introduced by Rochester Deputy Mayor Cedric Alexander, will be followed by a private reception for community stakeholders. (The forum is open to the public.)

Erie Canal and Finger Lakes Celebration

On Saturday & Sunday, July 15 and 16, The Strong hosts a weekend of family activities included with general museum admission fees. Staff from the Canal Corporation will show off the mechanics involved in operating the Erie Canal on Saturday with an interactive demonstration of a model lock. All weekend long, guests can get up close to a mule named Sal, play the spoons, and sing along to tunes inspired by the man-made water channel. Guests will also be able to discover how museums and communities from all over the state celebrate the canal with festivals and exhibits. Activities included with general museum admission.

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