Stray cat from Albion recovering from injuries after being hit with birdshot pellets

Posted 4 October 2019 at 3:02 pm


In late June an Albion resident found an injured stray cat with a wound on his face and appeared to be blind and deaf.

The woman in Albion contacted Hope for Cats, an all-volunteer cat rescue organization, and she surrendered Sonny to us. After a visit to a veterinarian, Sonny received medication for his wound, surgery for one eye condition, and he was neutered and vaccinated.

Provided photo: Sonny the cat remains friendly despite being a target of cruelty.

We made an appointment with a veterinary eye specialist who confirmed that he had no vision in either eye, and recommended removal of his right eye, which was visibly damaged, in order to avoid possible later development of a malignant sarcoma which can develop in cats with lens damage.

During this surgery eight birdshot pellets were recovered from Sonny’s right eye, and a skull X-ray found 28 more pellets lodged throughout his face and head. So, we received the shocking news that Sonny’s facial wound, his blindness, and probably his deafness, were caused by an intentional act of cruelty toward this perfectly friendly young cat.

Based on the pellets visible in the skull X-ray, the veterinarian advised removal of his left eye also, again to prevent future malignancy. This surgery was performed during which the veterinarian did confirm that two more of the pellets were actually lodged in his left eye.

Sonny is now recovering from this surgery and he is amazing in that he remains friendly, curious, affectionate, loves catnip toys and has no problem finding his litterbox, food and water. He has a safe and loving home waiting for him, and we look forward to a long and comfortable life for him, in spite of the abilities which have been senselessly taken away from him forever.

It is incomprehensible that someone could look this handsome guy in the face and shoot him. However, we have confidence that this person is not representative of Albion residents. This weekend some churches are having pet blessing events.

Sonny is among the many animals who are deserving of kind wishes and actions. If you would like to help with Sonny’s veterinary expenses, please visit our website ( and use the “Donate” button or find us on Facebook (, where we have his story, photos, and an opportunity to donate. Thank you for your attention to this letter and please be kind to our animal friends!

Karen Waible

Hope for Cats, Inc.

Hamburg, NY