Storm lets up just in time to spare most trees

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 22 December 2013 at 12:00 am

Photo by Tom Rivers – There are a lot of branches down, but most of the trees, including this one at Mount Albion Cemetery, have stayed strong during the ice storm.

Chris Busch cringed when he heard the weather forecast, calling for a half-inch to an inch of ice Saturday night and Sunday.

He worried about the old trees in Medina, and many of the new ones.

“Whenever they predict lots of ice that never ends well,” said Busch, chairman of the Medina Tree Board.

He was out today assessing the damage around Medina. He saw lots of fallen branches, but not too many snapped-off large branches from the mature trees.

The storm tampered off just in time.

“While under stress from ice load, most trees in Medina escaped major damage,” Busch said.

The trees were at their limit in supporting a heavy ice load, he said. Warmer temperatures this afternoon are melting the ice, easing the burden on the trees and their branches.

“At first glance Medina’s urban forest was lucky,” Busch said. “Had the ice storm lasted longer, things would’ve been much worse.”

Photo by Chris Busch – The trees on Pearl Street near the YMCA in Medina held up under the strain of the ice storm.