Trump supporters should stop giving president a free pass for problems in USA

Posted 14 August 2020 at 3:59 pm


Good Lord, doesn’t anyone realize what they are saying anymore? I just read a letter in this forum from a person whom I won’t identify. A little research further down these posts and you’ll find out who it is. (Go get ’em, Columbo.

He bemoans the status of our country because of the uncontrolled spread of the Coronavirus. He throws in the social unrest in the form of “rioting” and “looting” and the fact that “criminal activity has become the (new) norm.” He pretty much checked off all the boxes under “bedlam and turmoil.” I agree 100 percent. The great American way ain’t what it used to be; not even close.

But, unbelievably, his logic doesn’t attribute any blame on the person in charge of the country, the man sitting in the White House. He indicates (by not explaining Trump’s inability to lead) that it’s the opposing political party for the president’s devastating failure. That’s an absolutely astonishing thought process.

Let me ask this: Why, Mr. Smith (oops), is Donald Trump not held accountable for the mess you just described? Not by any stretch did you even question the actions of the person who was elected – a full term ago – to fix problems like this (not create them) and the person who the country looks to, to right the good ship America when it goes off course. Ridiculously, you blamed your go-to scapegoats, namely … the “liberals.”

That’s pretty much what Donald Trump did when he said “If you elect Joe Biden, you’ll see rioting in the streets … just like you’re seeing now!” Say what? Wouldn’t a stable genius realize he just threw himself under the bus by his own indictment of what’s going on during his own watch? “Sure, I screwed up big time, but my opponent will probably be almost as bad, so why not just let me stay?”

Mr. Smith, you need to reevaluate exactly how you evaluate things. Ask those who are elected to hold responsible positions, why they don’t accept that responsibility. Ask yourself why you won’t find them culpable. Finger pointing, such as you and Trump do, is an indication of failed leadership and accountability. Man up and take a look at the hard cold facts. And then don’t tell me you “don’t believe it.” Speak the truth: “you don’t want to believe it.” Big difference.

If this is what America looks like when it’s “great, again” … then I’m not so sure I can take it getting any better.

Tom Valley