Statue of soldier will spend winter inside YMCA

Photos courtesy of Lynne Menz: A 7-foot-tall bronze statue of a doughboy from World War I was moved inside the Orleans County YMCA on Thursday. The building on Pearl Street in Medina was originally an Armory and was used to train soldiers. The Medina Armory opened in 1901 for Company F, which formed in 1891. In 1977, the National Guard left the Medina Armory. The site has been used as a YMCA for more than three decades.

Posted 21 December 2018 at 2:57 pm

Company F Memorial bronze statue will be installed by former Armory in spring

Press Release, Company F Memorial Committee

MEDINA – After approximately 4 years in the making, we are excited to announce that the newest military history icon, the Company F Memorial bronze statue, is home! It was revealed to the public by leading the Medina Parade of Lights celebration on Nov. 24 and was kept in storage until it was moved on Thursday to its temporary “winter retreat” inside the Pearl Street entrance of the YMCA (former Medina Armory). (The entrance is closed due to the deterioration of the steps outside. A new main entrance is on Prospect Street.)

The idea of putting it on display temporarily was a result of the late Bill Menz’s mission to educate future generations of the sacrifices our veterans made for our freedoms. The display is part of the Company F historical panels that Orleans County Historian Matt Ballard commissioned a few years ago and located outside the Children’s Watch room and Cardio Room. The display allows visitors to get an up close and personal look at this 7-foot-high work of art, take a selfie and learn the history of the Medina Armory before it became the community activity center and YMCA.

The Company F statue is on temporary display at the YMCA in Medina until it’s mounted to the monument in the Spring.

The Company F Memorial committee wishes to express it’s deepest appreciation to all those that have supported us to make Bill’s vision a reality.

Sculptor Brian Porter and the University of Buffalo’s Foundry Director Chris Serano who created this masterpiece. Brian and Chris were exceptionally accommodating by inviting us to witness it’s evolution.

John Brown of Select Collision in Batavia who transported the statue from UB to Medina and lent his trailer for the Parade of Lights for our big reveal. He and set designer Carl Hicks devised and built the means to not only support and secure the 1,400-pound statue to the trailer for the parade, but modified the support for the display at the YMCA.

The statue was delivered to the YMCA in Medina on Thursday.

Shelby Highway Superintendent Mike Fuller and the Town of Shelby for providing the crew and necessary equipment to raise the statue from its horizontally packaged position to its upright position on the float trailer.

Lisa Tombari and Talis Equity for providing us a temporary home to store and create the float until we could move it to its permanent location at the YMCA.

The statue is in the corridor by the Pearl Street entrance of the YMCA.

The Village of Medina Parade of Lights committee for allowing us to lead the parade to introduce the statue to the public and bestowing us with the “Community Spirit Award” for our presentation.

Greg Stanton of Stanton signs for providing the beautiful signage for our float and a generator to power our lights in the Parade of Lights.

Michael Walsh for assisting us in building the float and engineering the A/V equipment and lights.

Cliff Fuller for also lending us his carpentry skills for the float.

Irish Tenor Ronan Tynan for giving us permission to use his rendition of “God Bless America” in the video that we played on the float. And, Chris Busch for connecting us to Dr. Tynan (who will be performing in Medina 10/5/19!)

Medina Mayor Michael Sidari and the Village DPW crew for assisting with the move and installation to the YMCA.

LeChase Construction for providing us the necessary equipment and operator to move the 1,400-pound statue from the trailer and into the YMCA.

Mark Zacher of Zacher Construction for assisting us with an engineering analysis and structural support to insure the YMCA floor could withstand the weight of the statue.

The YMCA Board of Directors and Y director Greg Reed for allowing us to display the statue inside the YMCA until its installation in the spring.

We would be remiss to not include all of our financial contributors who have made Mr. Menz’s dream a reality. Thank you, supporters!

And thanks, Bill Menz for leaving our community this beautiful, moving legacy. We hope we did you proud!

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