State Troopers warn November has most car-deer collisions

Posted 3 November 2020 at 12:44 pm

Press Release, NY State Police

Every October and November, State Troopers handle an increased number of vehicles striking deer in Troop A – Western New York. Operators should use caution around dusk and dawn.

If you are operating a vehicle and a deer enters the roadway do not swerve. When an operator swerves to avoid a deer, the vehicle is more likely to strike another vehicle or exit the roadway striking trees or utility poles resulting in serious physical injury or death.

If you strike a deer, remain at the scene and call 911. An accident report can be completed by Troopers if your vehicle has over $1,000 in damage or if a person has been injured.

NYSP Troop A (WNY) stats for car/deer collisions

2019 total deer collisions – 617   

September: 78 collisions

October: 221 collisions

November: 318 collisions

2018 total deer collisions – 560  

September: 103 collisions

October: 187 collisions

November: 270 collisions

2017 total deer collisions – 578 

September: 83 collisions

October: 181 collisions

November: 314 collisions

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