State should explain why some get broadband Internet and others don’t

Posted 5 March 2018 at 12:54 pm


I thought the Rural Broad Band expansion was going to be done by cable? Hughes Net is a satellite delivered Internet. Hughes Net has been available here in Orleans County for over 10 years. How do I know that? I have been a subscriber for that long. I had to pay out of my pocket to have the hardware installed at my house. It was really not cheap back then but we went without other things to be able to afford it. I’m not rich yet we bought our own.

So why should anyone be getting their installation for free at the tax payers expense when it’s already available to buy? This is also not providing it for everyone like promised. So don’t anyone dare take credit for it.

If you’re going to waste tax payer money at least let everyone who is being robbed partake in it if they choose. Another reason why Cuomo’s got to go. Another reason why the Empire State is the Welfare State. I want to know who is getting this, how they are being chosen and they better be dirt poor.

Paul Lauricella