State legislators wrong to give themselves big pay raise

Posted 27 December 2022 at 10:17 am


So we folks on Social Security are getting less than a 9 percent cost of living raise, which I am grateful for. Now our State Legislature has just voted themselves a 30 percent raise.

Why should their increase be more than ours? Doesn’t cost of living increases affect all of us the same way? Remember, they get paid for travel, food, and hotel expenses on top of their salaries. So why are they entitled to a 30 percent raise?

Don’t forget that our gas tax suspension will expire at the end of this year because “they need the revenue to fix roads.” Once again, our taxes will go up as their salaries will go up 30 percent!

Please tell the Governor to not sign this salary increase. If they are entitled to a salary increase, it should be in-line with the rest of us on fixed incomes.

Steven Kast