State legislators, congressman urged to fight against proposed wind energy project in Barre

Posted 31 August 2020 at 9:54 am


I was asked to share a copy of my letter to Congressman Jacobs, Senator Ortt, and Assemblyman Hawley along with the photo:

Dear Sirs,

Provided photo: Cindy Burnside said three turbines in the proposed Heritage Wind project would mar the view in her backyard.

This email is regarding frivolous spending at the cost of our schools and our students’ education.

The attached photo is of our field. We love the wide open spaces here in our town. Please, look at the picture again, only this time imagine 3 of 33 wind turbines just beyond the tree line in the back.  680 feet tall—that is more than 3 NYS Capitol Buildings stacked one on top of each other. Imagine them with blades spinning at well over 220 mph. They would tower into the line of the lower clouds. I did not move and build here to see monstrous structures, but if Governor Cuomo has his way, whether we want them or not, he will have 3 placed there and right now, at the extreme cost of education. We do not need the Heritage Wind Project, that money needs to go to our schools right now!

While Governor Cuomo sits on millions of our tax dollars, our school budgets have been cut and he is causing, on purpose, the schools and children to suffer…by his own hands with my money.

His dream of forcing his delusional “green” energy down our throats, here in this rural farming community, is appalling…meanwhile our schools and students suffer!

He is sitting on OUR money to fund a proposed wind project in our small town and yet our schools are financially hurting. With the COVID-19 mandates he put into place, there are many, many families and students without internet access in our area or even adequate ability to connect.

He cut the funding to schools and placed mandates on the schools for reopening which in turn causes the students and families to suffer—all while he sits on our money for frivolous projects that are not needed right now!  We do not need wind turbines or solar panels right now!

Our school systems and the families that are being forced to stay home in the attempt to teach their children need this money! This is how I want my money spent-it’s my money, don’t I get a say? What is wrong with this picture?

The funds that he is sitting on needs to be filtered to the schools instead of being frivolously spent on a project that we DO NOT need. We supply more than enough energy from Niagara Falls for THIS area. Our town is only 50 square miles and if the majority of the citizens do not want the proposed project by Heritage Wind, LLC/Apex…33 towers at 680’ each!  At the cost of education! It is wrong!

Please, do not allow this project, or others like it, to continue its dark journey while sending schools, children, and their families to the gallows. Stop him-he is ruining our educational system and it all starts with defunding these projects, opening up that money bag, and filter the funds to the schools that need it instead—stop the frivolous spending of my/our money.

No turbines! Not now-not ever-it’s a very bad deal!


Cindy Burnside