State eases some Covid restrictions to allow bigger gathering sizes

Staff Reports Posted 5 March 2021 at 9:21 am

Indoor residential gatherings remain capped at 10 people

New York is easing some of the restrictions on the sizes of residential and social gatherings, except for indoor residential gatherings which remain capped at 10 people. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said about 75 percent of the Covid spread has been from indoor residential gatherings.

Cuomo this week announced that outdoor residential gatherings of up to 25 people can be held beginning March 22. That is up from 10 people.

Non-residential social gatherings of up to 100 people can occur indoors and up to 200 people can occur outdoors beginning March 22. That is up from 50 people.

Cuomo also announced that beginning April 2, event, arts and entertainment venues can reopen at 33 percent capacity, up to 100 people indoors and up to 200 people outdoors.

If all attendees present proof of negative test prior to entry, capacity can increase up to 150 people indoors and up to 500 people outdoors. Social distancing and face coverings will be required by all attendees, as well as strict adherence to all applicable Department of Health guidance.

The Governor also announced domestic travelers to New York State who have been vaccinated no longer have to quarantine or test out within 90 days of their full vaccination.

“New Yorkers have done a tremendous job working to defeat Covid, and we’re gradually loosening restrictions as the numbers reduce and the public health improves,” Cuomo said. “It’s clear that if we remain vigilant, we will reach the light at the end of the tunnel.”