Stalker would follow father’s example in being a voice for Shelby community

Posted 29 October 2020 at 8:58 am


The voters of Shelby should know who we are voting for and what they stand for.

Medina One (the dissolution of the village of Medina) was a hotly debated topic. Mr. Ryan Wilkins was very much for that proposal as seen by many of his social media posts. Another question we all should be asking of Mr. Ryan Wilkins is “What political party has he been registered as prior to July 1?”

“What is his stance on Amazon, Windmills, Solar Farms, Proposed Stone Quarry and Property Rights?”

As seen in his past social media posts, Mr. Ryan Wilkins may hold opposing views of many Republicans within Shelby. There are many significant issues that come before councilpersons that determine the future of your community and your backyards.

My father Dale Stalker (who served as councilman for Shelby for many years) took in consideration of all his constituents, not just the few, in determining the direction of our great community.

Craig Stalker, my brother, wishes to continue being that voice for our community that Dale worked so hard to protect from outside influences, that seek to take advantage of our hard-working families.

Please make your vote count and write in Craig Stalker for Town of Shelby Councilperson.

Thank you,

Michael Stalker