Stalker says he has been solidly Republican, without wavering

Posted 2 November 2020 at 8:37 pm


With tomorrow being Election Day I feel I have raised some very good points as to why I’m making this push for write-in candidate for the Town of Shelby Councilman.

There are times I ask myself, why didn’t I question this whole process back in June rather than turn my cheek and say to myself “that’s just politics.” But the more that family and friends came to me after knowing the facts, I decided to make a push for a write-in campaign.

Over this past week with the help of others we have reached out to residents of the town via social media, phone calls, word of mouth and the Pennysaver. I made my signs out of scrap wood I had kicking around in the barn and began getting them out. Overall I think the feedback has been very positive but we still need everyone to continue to pass along the message to please write in Crag Stalker for Shelby Town Councilman.

I feel I have a lot of the same characteristics, values and goals that my father Dale Stalker had when he was councilman. I myself was born and raised in Shelby for 34 1/2 out of 36 years. There were 1 1/2 years my family and I lived in Lyndonville but shortly returned back to Shelby.

I’ve been a registered Republican since I was able to vote (18 years) and have always had the same beliefs, visions and common goals as my fellow local Republicans. I feel I know a lot of the residents in our town and what direction we would like to keep going.

Within the past 15 years Shelby has really taken off as far as the Industrial Park, businesses, and even a hotel if we can get that going and finished up. The direction we are heading and what we have to offer is grabbing the attention of businesses like Amazon, so we need to continue on the path of success and not start to revert backwards.

When it comes to businesses wanting to move into our area, I myself would like to ask the following questions:

How is this going to benefit our tax payers? Is the investment worth the money the town will earn from having this business? How will this affect the residents everyday life, travel, daily outdoor activities, and or wildlife? Due to the increase traffic are they going to help the town build up the road/roads? What kind of tax breaks are they looking for? Will this benefit all taxpayers or just a small portion? How long will the town benefit? How many jobs will this create?

I would like to point out what the majority of residents in Shelby already know, that this area is predominantly Republican and has been for some time. Mr. Wilkins was a registered Democrat from 2005 to March 2020 when he changed to non-affiliated up until he was officially changed to Republican on 6/30/2020, so almost 15 years. So from March 2020 to June 8, 2020 when he submitted to become a Republican (as per the board of elections) Mr. Wilkins for 3 months was unsure of what party he wanted to join? With that being said how do we know what Mr. Wilkins views and beliefs really are, being he is unsure himself.

So when you go to the polls always just be mindful and really think about who your voting for because it might not always be the best option listed under your party line.

Thank you,

Craig Stalker

Write-in candidate for Shelby Town Councilman