Spotlight dancers attend convention in Boston

Posted 31 July 2013 at 12:00 am

Provided photo – The Spotlight dancers, pictured in Boston, include, from left, front row: Aubrey Boyer, McKenna Boyer, Zoe Chatfield, Faith Chaffee and Baillie Oberther. Back row: Thomas Green, Katlin Pieniazsek, Hannah Yocum, Angela Carloni and Serina Blair.

Press release
Spotlight Studio

ALBION – Students in the Spotlight Dance Company attended a dance convention in Boston earlier this month. The dancers were joined by director Rachael Blair.

The Spotlight students were instructed by professional dancers in several dance styles. These professionals instruct, choreograph and dance with famous artists in movies, concerts, on Broadway and on television.

The dance company will never forget this amazing experience. They would like to thank the community for supporting the fundraisers to make this possible.

“We wanted to give the kids the opportunity to learn from instructors that dance for a living in New York City and Hollywood,” Blair said. “They learn different styles of dance and work on technique for three days straight. It is an opportunity that these students will remember forever.”