Sportsmen president wonders if there is a better option than a depredation permit for small airports

Posted 12 December 2017 at 5:57 pm


I am a hunter, licensed by the State of New York. At a recent gun club meeting a subject was brought up that caused a bit of controversy: Depredation permits issued to a local airport.

Are they necessary? Allowing the taking and killing of wildlife at any time of year, day or night with or without discretion. Deer, turkey, geese, furbearers, they are all at risk from the issuance of a depredation permit.

Does this permit have its place? I am sure that it does. Would I want to see anyone hurt or a plane crash because a goose was sucked into a jet engine? Of course not! I get that it is a necessary evil for large airports with an extreme amount of traffic, but is it necessary for a little country airport that doesn’t?

I am not familiar with all of the details regarding the accidents that have been caused by wildlife at these country airports, obviously one accident is too many. Is there another option that is out there? A fence for deer and furbearers, a noise maker for geese and turkeys? Is the only answer to kill it?


Jeffrey Atwell


Barre Sportsmens Club