Specifics still lacking with wind turbine proposal in Barre

Posted 9 October 2019 at 8:26 am


We see signs going up all over our town implying lower taxes. Well the first question on everybody’s mind is, “How much?”

When we ask this question we don’t get any answers, either from Apex Energy or the any of our current town board members. All we get is more signs.

Next, the citizenry wants to ask how much will Heritage Wind put in a bond to cover the diminished real estate values of our homes if a project is approved by our board or New York State? Strangely enough, no answer to that question either.

Then we ask how much real tax revenue would the our town’s people receive without a PILOT program? No answer to that one either.

Next I would like to ask why would Apex want to give more money to the school district when it is well known the district is already bursting at the seams with taxpayer money, how much more do they really need?

How much money has each of the board members already made by signing one of the most one-sided contracts I’ve ever read? How much did all of the board members pay the attorneys to advise on that issue?

How much longer will the turbine people continue to attack the watchdogs of this community? How much longer will the Town Board ignore our letters that ask if a project is completed here that any proceeds (bonded by the way by Apex) that all the pie in the sky or PILOT monies go to each home owner in Barre in the form of a tax rebate every year? How much will you guarantee?

How much more rhetoric will we hear from our town supervisor about his trip to Europe and how many people he spoke to there and how much you talk about their current love affair with industrial monoliths called turbines?

John Metzler