Speak up while Gaines looks to revise zoning and land use

Posted 9 December 2018 at 9:33 am


The real danger in the Town of Gaines of “intrusion” is the resident’s future! The people that live in Gaines gave their vision for their Town’s future and that was put into a legal foundation called a Comprehensive Plan.

That “vision” or “Comprehensive Plan” provides guidance for land use and zoning in the Town of Gaines. Zoning must be changed to match it. For a period of 18 months that was happening with another committee; but now that  has been altered. All of that hard work was ignored and the present Gaines town supervisor has hired an outside firm and hand-selected an 11-person “Steering Committee” to be your voice or should I say their voice.

The firm and Steering Committee seem more interested in changing the community’s vision to their own vision so future land use and zoning matches their own personal desires. Some of the changes include bringing back the “Planning Board,” changing farm labor housing outside of agricultural districts, and allowing solar farms without public input or information. With this firm and committee anything seems to go.

It is time for all the people to that live in Gaines to stand up for your vision and speak up before it is too late. The next Gaines Steering Committee meeting is on December 17th at the Gaines Town Hall at 7 p.m. The next Town Board meeting is Dec. 10th at 7 p.m.

Oh…and that other committee I mentioned? Not only did that committee follow the vision Gaines residents said they wanted in their town’s future, they also  protected historical buildings and promoted travel and tourism per the peoples wishes. How do I know? I served on that committee as liaison to the Board. It needs to be looked at.


Sue Smith


Former Town of Gaines Councilperson and former AD-HOC Committee liaison