SOS stirs divisions in Yates and Somerset

Posted 23 February 2017 at 9:53 am


While representatives from SOS were in Manhattan this week talking about their views on the Lighthouse Wind project and the Article 10 process, the rest of us residents in the towns of Yates and Somerset were home, hoping for a brighter future for our communities.

Since residents are tiring of the “Same Old Stuff” and ugly insults from SOS, I guess the group has decided to go on a roadshow. I would agree with them on one point. The towns have become divided but that is because SOS has taken a great opportunity and done everything they can to throw it away. Who is calling who a bully?

Lighthouse Wind has remained respectful throughout the last couple years, opening a local office in Barker, attending all public meetings in Somerset and Yates and availing themselves to questions, supporting community events and worthy causes. And, all of this while enduring the misrepresentatives of facts and personal attacks from the opposition.

I love my community and I want to see it thrive through economic development, enhancement of services and educational opportunities for our young people. And I want to see my electricity bill lowered, family farms to have an income not dependent on the weather and commodity prices, lower taxes for all community members, more money for all educational services, and money for all our town services which we have come to depend on.

Once our young people grow up, I want them to have a reason to return to their home town.  I would like to see the area thrive once again, rather than have a ghost town with lake homes on one side.

Howard Pierce