SOS criticizes others for being rude, while organization overlooks own public behavior

Posted 28 October 2017 at 3:49 pm


I was greatly offended by the fact that Ms. Smith admonished our Hub editor, Mr. Tom Rivers. I have met Tom and talked with him on several occasions and found him to be very personable and knowledgeable on many subjects. A good reporter reports both sides of a story and I feel Tom as done that.

Funny, Ms. Smith, you admonish Mr. Rivers for reporting “rude remarks” made by Donna Bane and Apex supporters, but forget about the many “very rude remarks” by SOS and Mr. Riggi against Donna and the many Apex supporters.

Ms. Smith stated Riggi ran on a platform with different planks. I find that his platform is actually one 4’x8′ sheet of 3/4″ treated plywood with one mission: stopping wind projects. The rewriting of the Town of Yates Wind Law is proof of that. I know because I was a token member put on the committee at the last minute. In fact, a Town Board Meeting was held at 7:30 on a Saturday morning to approve me as a committee member. One thing to note about the committee is that I was the only member on the committee that wasn’t SOS affiliated.

If one of Riggi’s planks for running was to bring economic development to this town, why hasn’t there been a single penny of revenue since he was elected. In the year and a half that Riggi has been on the board, he hasn’t brought a single penny of revenue into this town.

Now, he is asking for a lawsuit that the Town of Yates can’t afford. As stated at the meeting, all the requirements for the application of the MET tower have been met. Questions have been answered. Apex has done everything right in their MET tower application and they have the right to sue the town. Lucky for Yates, Apex is trying to work things out peaceably so there can be another vote, and the town can avoid a lawsuit. Apex has been more than patient with our town board.

Like Donna Bane, I too thought Riggi’s outburst at our August town board meeting was very inappropriate, especially for a board member. As a constituent, I would ask that he refrain from that behavior in the future.

SOS has made numerous presentations to the town board. By looking at many board members expressions, I’m sure by now they find them very boring. Every time someone from SOS would present misinformation, there was clapping and cheering from the SOS supporters.

I found this behavior inappropriate, and after thinking it over, I sent Town Supervisor Jim Simon an email stating my objection to their behavior. Simon must have agreed because he started the September Town Board meeting with a couple of statements. He asked those present speak and act with civility toward the Board and each other and to try and direct their comments to the Board only. He also asked the audience to limit their reactions of the testimony of each speaker so as not to disrupt the meeting. Thank you, Jim, for taking control of the Town Board meeting again. I would hope that respectful behavior can be maintained not only from the public in attendance, but also from Mr. Riggi.

In closing, Ms. Smith, I would like to remind you this is “A Right to Farm Town.”

Howard L, Pierce