SOS analysis distorted by vacationers who own summer homes in Yates, Somerset

Posted 27 April 2017 at 9:40 am


Once again Mr. Riggi is spewing alternative facts!

His theory is a manipulation of the facts and a massive campaign of misinformation. He speaks of all the comments against the wind turbines that are on the PSC website but fails to mention that with all those comments a great majority of them have been submitted by the same 11 people. (Their comments made up 220 of the comments.)

There are also many comments that speak against the turbines that came from people who are not residents of Yates or Somerset – much like many of the voters that we had voting in the Town of Yates election when Mr. Riggi ran that were not from the Town of Yates.

This is just one more example of the the way that SOS will manipulate the facts to make you think that the turbines coming here is a bad thing. And make no mistake, Mr. Riggi speaks for SOS and the conglomerates that fund them and the other groups like them that are against the turbines and other renewable energy sources

He wants to speak about home rule? The majority of the people who are writing to the PSC and in fact the majority of the people who are speaking out against the turbines at the Yates Town Board meetings are not even from the Town of Yates.

Many of them are cottagers who are here only during the summer months and actually live somewhere else – somewhere where economical advantages are already available. Most of them in their “home towns” have more than one store in their their area, they have a grocery store they can get their groceries from that would not be considered a “convenience store.” They have more than one gas station that they can choose from to buy their gas. They have a variety of places that they can go out to eat.

The majority of the people who actually live here and not just vacation here in their summer homes would also like to have some of these choices.

The turbines coming here will be our opportunity to have some economic growth. I work two jobs and my husband is disabled and we would love to have something that helped lower our taxes and brought revenue into our town as well as money for our school and fire department.

Many, many, many people in this town can’t afford to go on a vacation, let alone own a vacation home!

Home rule?? More like I can afford to own two homes…therefore I should rule!

Susan Campbell