Solar power offers better hope for planet than wind energy

Posted 14 February 2018 at 8:43 am


In all sincerity, to me, my friend Paul Lauricella’s recent letter was the best I have seen from him.

Provided I understood him, he is undoubtedly correct that fossil fuels brought us to where we are today – for better and for worse. It may be that Paul’s cynical interpretation of Governor Cuomo’s support for wind energy has merit.

I would prefer to think the Governor has some appreciation for climate science and has opted to lead, even if a one-size-fits-all formula demands greater scrutiny. When my son and I spoke with Dr. Richard Perez from S.U.N.Y. Albany, he appeared to have doubts about the merits of wind turbines. Their utility is particularly suspect in an area such as ours. Paul and I may agree on that score.

Anyone who knows me knows I believe dozens of 600’ high wind turbines are an awful fit for the habitat-rich, environmentally-diverse area that is Orleans County.

Paul is likely correct, as well, that only a handful of residents will truly “harvest” the wind, so to speak.

But no amount of denial changes scientific evidence. You know the numbers, facts, statistics and observations of objective researchers. The current occupant of The White House can dismiss global warming as a “Chinese hoax”, but the Chinese are investing “the farm” in a solar future.

The idea that we can turn back the clock is dangerously delusional in this case.

From what I gather, solar energy has a tremendously positive economic and environmental upside. We have subsidized technologies that are in the public interest for a very long time.  Furthermore, if we can give tens of millions in tax breaks to entitled billionaires such as the current occupant of The White House, we can subsidize solar energy.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Kent