Social media has good and bad effects, especially for LGBTQ+ community

Posted 30 May 2023 at 12:27 pm


The first known social media site was created in 1997 and social media grown exponentially since then. Social media can influence and impact anyone in a positive or negative way, especially in the LGBTQ+ community.

Regardless of identification and orientation, everyone experiences the positive and negative effects of social media. There seems to be many negative impacts on the LGBTQ+ community, but the positives appear to outweigh them.

Many social media platforms, such as Space, an app launched for LGBTQ+ in 2022, create communities where young LGBTQ+ members can be themselves with little judgment, and find support from others. This support can be as simple as becoming online friends, leaving positive messages that focus on accepting others.

According to research, LGBTQ+ youth view their online community as more supportive than their local in-person community, because of the lack of support they might receive in interpersonal interactions. Social media can be a coping mechanism for some because it seems that young LGBTQ+ are more likely to join and engage in an online group to reduce social isolation or feelings of loneliness because they know that there are others experiencing the same thing as them. Social platforms can also be an outlet for an individual to become more confident in being themselves, as they are expressing themselves more.

For LGBTQ+ teens, social media can be a crucial source of information, education, and support. Social media can give the LGBTQ+ community a way to explore their identities and sexual orientations. It could provide the LGBTQ+ a place to advocate and fight for their rights, such platforms like Space, and it could allow the community a place to meet, organize, and share information about misconceptions and negative stereotypes.

Social media can also educate others about the community, whether they themselves are part of the community or not. If others are educated about it the world may become more accepting and positive.

There are, of course, many negative impacts of social media on LGBTQ+ teens, such as bullying and hate online. However, anyone, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, can experience the negatives of social media. This is because they are putting themselves out there to everyone’s criticisms and opinions. No matter how positively portrayed something is, some people’s opinions will still be negative and won’t change, and so the best we can do is educate others about it.

Overall, the impact of social media platforms is positive on the LGBTQ+ community. Social networks can give members of the community a safe place they would feel comfortable coming out in and expressing themselves in.

Platforms and the internet are full of information on the LGBTQ+ community and terms that people questioning identity or sexual orientation, or anyone despite their gender identity or orientation, can explore and learn.

Please consider talking to others about such an important message and our political representatives about securing these platforms for our youth.

Rosie Emery

Holley High School senior