Sobieraski would bring a wealth of experience in leading Sheriff’s Office

Posted 21 June 2019 at 9:30 am


During this campaign for sheriff the only knock I have heard about candidate Brett Sobieraski is that he is an outsider or city guy. Neither of which are correct. He has lived in this community for 27 years. Raised his family here and was very much a part of his kids’ lives as a youth wrestling coach and little league coach.

For decades residents of Orleans County have commuted outside of the county to work at factories, hospitals, schools, stores and yes law enforcement agencies. If a doctor with 30 years of experience from Strong Hospital wanted to now practice at Medina Hospital would we shun them and their knowledge? If an engineer or machinist from Harrison’s wanted to work at a local job shop now would we say we are not interested in his experience?

I think people would embrace someone that wants to make a business here better. It should be the same for a person with a wealth of knowledge and experience in law enforcement that now wants to share that with all law enforcement within the county. The sheer volume of incidents, crime and community interaction in the urban setting along with the extensive number of investigations in the suburbs and rural communities throughout the county gives a law enforcement officer that much more knowledge and experience.

Fourteen years as a SWAT member and now team leader dealing with a hundred call-outs a year is experience that can never be matched in Orleans County. Taking command during a life or death situation and leading team members into dangers not typically seen in Orleans County is a skill set unmatched here. As a community we should be embracing a person such as Brett Sobieraski not turning up our nose because he didn’t work here for the past 30-plus years.

I have also been hearing comments from some people concerned that Brett will be double dipping with his retirement. First of all his opponent retired from the Sheriff’s Office in December 2015 prior to being sworn in as the Undersheriff and is collecting a retirement right now as undersheriff. Hence he has been double dipping.

Secondly, Brett Sobieraski earned his retirement at the Rochester Police Department which is a totally different retirement system. When he becomes the sheriff he will be paid by Orleans County to be the sheriff yet the county will not be contributing to his retirement and will not be covering his health insurance. So the county will be saving money.

I have known both candidates both personally and professionally for decades. I can tell you Brett Sobieraski is by far the more professional, experienced, motivational and inspirational leader in this sheriff’s race.

Please stop working so hard to find something not to like about Brett Sobieraski and take a few minutes to get to know him. You will not be disappointed!

Thomas Drennan