Sobieraski impresses with accomplishments and vision for Sheriff’s Office

Posted 22 June 2019 at 4:46 pm


I am Active Duty Navy currently serving in TN. I was born and raised in Orleans County, living there for 18.5 years before leaving for the Navy. It has been and always will be my home, and I visit 2-3 times a year if possible.

I have been following the run for Sheriff closely and would like to weigh in from an insider’s, outside point of view.

I grew up surrounded by law enforcement in Orleans County and elsewhere. My father, Herb, worked for the O.C. Sheriff’s Department and the Rochester Police Department. I had a second family growing up that was in the Sheriff’s Department. I grew up with four people who are currently serving at the Albion Police Department or the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office. I played baseball on the same team as the former sheriff’s son. I know personally a countless number of current and former LEOs in Orleans County and elsewhere, to include the current sheriff, and both candidates running now.

In the last two years, I have come home roughly five times and I have seen a huge change in the county, and not a good one. I’ve participated in some ride-a-longs with a friend in those times. The opioid epidemic is frightening. Unfortunately, my home is not what I left 6 years ago.

Now I see the second run for sheriff since I left. I see one candidate, Brett Sobieraski, running on a list of accomplishments, his lifelong dedication to serving the public as a LEO, his off-duty involvement in the county, and laying out his policy on how to fix the problems facing Orleans County.

I see the other candidate running on politics, what the county is now, and about how he cares. But I have yet to see or hear any plans or policies. I have seen the idea of a debate between the two candidates thrown around. I think this would be an amazing opportunity for the people of Orleans County to hear directly from both candidates on what their plans are and how to accomplish it. Brett has been trying repeatedly to have a debate while his opponent refuses to have one.

Growing up so close to law enforcement, I know one thing for certain. Politics don’t belong there. They cause weakness, crime, and drug outbreaks like we see now.

What does belong is strong strategies, solid police work, and dedication to them.

When you look at those things, the obvious choice for Orleans County Sheriff is Brett Sobieraski.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Brett for 15 years. Brett is by far one of the most reliable, honest, caring, passionate and strong-minded people and police officers I have ever met. His drive for his job and his community is unrivaled. Don’t believe me? Look at his resume. Everything he has done on the job, and off.


Zachary McClellan, PO1, USN