Sobieraski has been outspoken about his plan to lead as sheriff

Posted 10 June 2019 at 8:25 am


In regards to the upcoming election for our next worthy Orleans County Sheriff, I am compelled to speak on behalf of Mr. Brett Sobieraski. I feel that it is my responsibility as a retired Air Force Security Forces Specialist whose last duty was the NCOIC of Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection for European Command. I have observed and collaborated with some of the most elite leaders across the world and acknowledge that Brett encompasses the traits that it takes to be a true leader.

One of the most vital components I have learned in being a successful leader is clear and concise communication. Brett is committed to speaking to those who he is ready to dedicate his time to as our next Sheriff. Brett has been working diligently to establish a rapport with our community in how he will expedite his vision as our next Orleans County Sheriff  through social media, radio talks, home visits and phone calls.

Brett is adamant about sharing his plans for the future as our next Orleans County Sheriff. His passion is apparent for he flawlessly communicates his plan of action. He is a natural. He genuinely wants to help us.

I know Brett will have no problem facing the music when the job gets tough. This is the type of position one must earn. Brett’s diverse background as starting out as a police officer in Lockport and is now the Law Enforcement Supervisor and is a team leader on the SWAT Team in the Greater Rochester area proves that he is more than qualified for the job.

Brett holds strong beliefs in unification. That is a concept all military personnel hold dear to. To simply say, teamwork makes the dream work. Brett plans to unify and train with all of our local law enforcement agencies—not only will this strengthen our bond, we will see immense improvements in our communities’ safety which is Brett’s number one priority.

In closing, Brett is the leader we can trust and lean on for our Orleans County Sheriff.


Joseph Marvin