Sobieraski has been driven in fighting opioid epidemic, and supporting those with addiction

Posted 19 June 2019 at 6:38 am


It is my pleasure to offer this letter in support of Brett Sobieraski as the next sheriff of Orleans County.  As a longtime resident of Orleans County, Brett loves his home community, is familiar with it and with its residents and is wholly committed to bringing his powerful combination of skills and experience to the county as your Sheriff.

It has come to my attention through traditional media coverage and social media coverage that Brett Sobieraski has been characterized as “an outsider” who knows nothing of the community he is running to serve and protect and neither is he committed to Orleans County as its next public servant.

This, in my opinion, is complete nonsense and falls in the category of campaign rhetoric that is often used as filler when the opponent is unable to develop a strong campaign message of his or her own to include a history of accomplishment and experience, a plan for and commitment to a solid plan for managing the position he or she is running for and a well-defined set of goals to which they are willing to be held accountable.

This characterization could not be further than the truth as it relates to Brett Sobieraski, a man I have come to know as a remarkable driven, solid, public servant dedicated to his constituents and to their safety and wellbeing. Brett has a complete and comprehensive plan for his role as Orleans County Sheriff and welcomes the opportunity to share that plan with anyone and everyone.

The Brett Sobieraski I know is passionate about his role in law enforcement, compassionate about the people of his community – often volunteering for causes that strike a sensitive chord for him such as the Special Olympics – a cause he has powerfully supported for many years.

In my present role as the CEO of Huther Doyle, a leading provider of drug and alcohol treatment in the area, I have seen first-hand Brett’s fight to end the opioid epidemic by both holding accountable those selling drugs while also supporting those who have fallen prey to the disease of addiction. He understands and is a champion on both sides of this important issue.

The Brett Sobieraski I know is a fair, reasonable and balanced man who considers all opinions and welcomes dialogue and the experience of others to help inform his decisions while also being clear about his role as a leader and ultimately owning the decisions he makes as his own.

The Brett Sobieraski I know is driven to make the community he serves safe, secure, prosperous and productive. He has a proven record of doing just that in Rochester and in Orleans County where he has lived, raised a family and plans to stay as your next sheriff.

Make your vote count on June 25th.


Kelly A. Reed

President & CEO

Huther Doyle