Sobieraski has been a committed community servant

Posted 23 June 2019 at 5:40 pm


Soon Orleans County residents will be given the opportunity to select their next sheriff. I write this letter to encourage voters to take the time to learn about candidate Brett Sobieraski.

Brett is a long-time Orleans County resident living in Kent. He has lived in Orleans County for more than 27 years. He raised his sons in Kendall where they graduated from high school and have each become very good men.

Brett’s character, integrity, passion and commitment to his/our community is so evident thought his involvement with organizations such as the Special Olympics, the Veterans Outreach Center Huntington’s disease fundraising, Huther Doyle – a substance abuse counseling clinic, All In All The Time Foundation (provides immediate response to the needs of Naval Special Warfare families). He also is the founder and president of the not-for profit organization, Limitless Racing Inc. (a racing event for children with disabilities).

Brett spent many years as an assistant wrestling coach for Kendall Youth Wrestling. Being a wrestling coach for kids from age 4 all the way through high school is quite a commitment.

Coaching kids at practices during the week and coaching at wrestling tournaments on the weekends throughout the county provided Brett a great opportunity to mentor children and get to know the towns and schools throughout Orleans County. An added benefit that I know Brett is extremely proud of was the opportunity to mentor young people and watch them become young successful adults.

Orleans Hub recognized Brett as an Outstanding Citizen at an annual awards program in 2018. This recognition is for those people who have made a big impact in the community.

Brett has been and is such a strong advocate for his/our community.

He truly loves his home, this county. He is a highly skilled law enforcement professional, a leader, as well as an engaging and compassionate man, everything we should expect from our sheriff. He will be a great servant for his/our community.

Dan Wiler