Sobieraski exemplifies determination and leadership with focus on others

Posted 15 June 2019 at 9:26 am


This letter is to highlight a person who exemplifies determination and leadership. I have personally witnessed Brett Sobieraski dedicate countless volunteer hours in support of Special Olympics New York athletes.

Brett has always gone above and beyond to help Special Olympics New York reach its mission in providing athletes with year-round training at no cost to them.

Most notably, Brett Sobieraski completed a 50-hour continuous run to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics. His 50 for 50 mission raised enough funds to sponsor 25 Special Olympics athletes to participate in sports for an entire year. His determination was on full display as he ran from Buffalo to Syracuse without pausing for sleep. In fact, Brett ran his entire birthday. He never lost sight of his goal – to support Special Olympics athletes.

Brett Sobieraski has also had a vital role in other fundraisers to benefit his friends at Special Olympics New York. He activity participates in the Rochester Polar Plunge, the Law Enforcement Torch Run and Cops on Top at Dunkin’. Brett always leads a team of law enforcement members that volunteer their time during these events.

I am personally inspired by all that Brett takes on. There is no doubt that he is an outstanding and effective leader. I am positive he will do right by members of the community and that all will find a sense of trust and pride with him as their leader.

Luke Folts

Director of Program – Unified Sports

Special Olympics New York