Snowy Owls weather the storm

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 9 January 2014 at 12:00 am

KENDALL – The sub-zero temperatures in recent days did not scare off the Snowy Owls that have been creating a stir the past month with multiple sightings in Orleans County and other spots in Western New York.

Vince Flow took this picture this morning near Lake Ontario in Kendall. Flow has a zoom lens and he has taken several photos of the owls in recent weeks. He said they like the wide open country in Kendall.

The owls typically nest in the Artic tundra and winter in Canada. Bird watchers believe we are having a historic year with the presence of so many Snowy Owls in the U.S. The owls have migrated into the U.S. in search of food. About 90 percent of their diet is the small rodent lemmings, but the owls also eat mice, voles, ducks, hares and fish.