Snow-covered landscape brings out photographers

Staff Reports Posted 19 February 2016 at 12:00 am

The snow this week, which blanketed the area with at least a foot of snow, created a landscape covered in white. Several people sent photos to the Orleans Hub of the winter wonderland.

Pamela Moore sent in the top photo from Tuesday of a barn on Gillette Road in Barre. “You can always find some sort of beauty even through a storm,” she said.

Kristina Gabalski, an Orleans Hub correspondent, took this photo of a snowman on Wednesday morning in front of a home on South Main Street in the Village of Holley.

Gabrielle Davis took this picture on Tuesday of a snow-covered Kenyonville Road in Gaines. She said the road with all of the snow was “so peaceful.”

Robyn Ottaviano of Medina sent in these photos of the Medina Waterfalls taken on Monday.

Donna Erneweintook this picture on Sunday of Lake Ontario from the Shadigee in Yates.

Gary Wood of Allen Road in Albion took this picture of the sunrise on Monday.

Rick Baase of Kent snapped this photo of the Oak Orchard Lighthouse at Point Breeze just before sunset on Feb. 15.