Snapping turtle gets help across a busy country road

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 7 October 2020 at 9:01 pm

Photos courtesy of Dirk Climenhaga

ALBION – This snapping turtle was vulnerable in the middle of Albion-Eagle Harbor Road, headed for the Erie Canal this afternoon.

Dirk Climenhaga and Doug Egling stopped to help the turtle get across the road. The turtle initially was upset to be offered help, but Egling and Climenhaga used a blanket and a board to get the turtle out of the road and onto rocks by the canal.

“He was snapping and cranking is head every which way,” Climenhaga said. “He kept snapping on the blanket, but the board helped to flip him on his back and in the blanket. He was confused, until we got him set up right side up on to rock. It took him less than a minute to waddle done the rocks an into the canal.”

Climenhaga expects it will have an easygoing winter in the canal mud.

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