Small black bear spotted in Knowlesville this afternoon

Staff Reports Posted 17 August 2018 at 7:29 pm

KNOWLESVILLE – Shane Rath was at work for the State Canal Corporation this afternoon when a small black bear scooted by the lift bridge and crossed Knowlesville Road just before 5 p.m.

(UPDATED 7:58 p.m.: People on the Memories of Medina Facebook page say there is a mother bear and three cubs on the move in Knowlesville.)

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has these recommendations about black bears:

If you encounter a bear:

• Never approach, surround, or corner a bear – Bears aggressively defend themselves when they feel threatened. Be especially cautious around cubs as mother bears are very protective.

• Never run from a bear – stay calm, speak in a loud and calm voice, slowly back away and leave the area.

• Use noise to scare away bears from your campsite –  yell, clap, or bang pots immediately upon sighting a bear near your campsite.

• Do not throw your backpack or food bag at an approaching bear – Doing so will only encourage bears to approach and “bully” people to get food.

If a bear becomes aggressive and approaches you:

• Raise your arms and speak in a loud, calm voice while backing away.

If a bear becomes aggressive and charges you:

• Stand your ground.

• If you have bear spray, dispense directly at the bear.

If a bear becomes aggressive and follows you:

• Stay together.

• Do not run, but continue to back away while speaking loudly.

If the bear continues to follow you:

• Stand your ground.

• Intimidate by making yourself look bigger by waving arms, clapping, shouting, banging sticks.

• Prepare to fight or use bear spray.

If the bear makes contact with you:

• Fight back with anything at hand (knife, stick, rocks, fists).

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