Sister joins brother in construction business, adds design services

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 23 July 2021 at 2:17 pm

Eric Watson welcomes sister Angela, who served as construction manager for Habitat for Humanity in Buffalo

Photos by Tom Rivers: Angela Watson and her brother Eric Watson work together at Watson Enterprises, and with a new business, Vanguard Interiors.

BARRE – Eric Watson was looking to add a design specialist and construction manager to his business, Watson Enterprises.

Eric didn’t have to look far for that multi-talented person. His sister, Angela Watson, is stepping into the role, allowing Watson Enterprises to provide more services for customers. The two recently also formed a new company, Vanguard Interiors, for the design services that provide detailed simulations for how a new building or remodel can look, including right down to the furnishings. Angela, 31, uses a CAD program to provide a virtual walk-through of the projects.

“You can see the exact colors,” Eric said. “It eliminates the guesswork. You can see what you’re looking to achieve.”

Angela takes measurements of rooms, cabinets, windows – anything in the space. She puts in the data and can show how it can look, tweaking colors, fabrics and changing the size of some elements.

Customers provide input on the colors and furnishings, and they can see on the design program how the space can look with different paint, furniture and other interior design.

Eric Watson, 33, started Watson Enterprises seven years ago, keeping equipment at a hayfield along Oak Orchard River Road in Ridgeway.

He began building pole barns, and expanded to remodeling homes, and doing excavation work and concrete projects.

Angela Watson shows how she can design a house with a CAD program, showing how the house looks with finishes, color and building materials. Watson said the design would be her dream house, a modern version of a Frank Lloyd Wright style of a home.

The business grew and he moved the operations to his home property in Barre. About two years ago, with the business on an upswing, he built a new office building and storage area on West Lee Road (Route 31A) in Barre. Watson now has nine employees.

His sister joined him in April 2020, following five years as a construction supervisor for Habitat for Humanity in Buffalo. They are both Lyndonville graduates.

Angela led about 20 building projects in Buffalo. She has an undergraduate degree in mathematics and master’s degree in public health. She has a passion for construction and design, and saw a perfect opportunity by joining with her brother.

Angela is back in school at the Interior Design Institute and she is becoming a lighting specialist.

“I’ve always liked building stuff,” she said. “I have a knack for the design portion.”

She also likes the challenge of overseeing a construction project – managing construction crews, coordinating with subcontractors, securing building permits and ordering materials.

Eric is pleased to be working with his sister, who he said adds a new dimension to the business.

“I’ve had really great people in my life,” he said. “It’s the people you surround yourself with, and it’s also tenacity and drive to do better.”

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