Simulation at Lyndonville stresses dangers of drunk driving

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 10 June 2015 at 12:00 am

Photos by Tom Rivers

LYNDONVILLE – Firefighters and police officers this morning simulated a response to a drunk driving crash at Lyndonville Central School, an exercise intended to send a message about the dangers of drunk driving.

Firefighters tend to student Hannah Travis, one of the students who role played that they were hurt in an accident.

Medina firefighter Ashton Lang, a Lyndonville graduate, escorts Hannah Travis to an ambulance.

Lyndonville has done this the last three years just before prom and graduation party season. Lyndonville has its prom on Friday at the White Birch Golf Course.

Hannah Travis, one of the “injured” students in today’s simulation, is put in an ambulance and driven away before about 200 of her high school classmates.

“It’s devastating if even one of you is hurt,” Ken Strickland, investigator with the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department, told the group.

He said tragic accidents are particularly painful for small towns where students and residents know each other so well.

Firefighters from Lyndonville, Barker and Medina worked together to extricate Madison Boyle from a car. She is on a stretcher.

Madison Boyle is led from the scene on a stretcher.

Ken Strickland, an investigator with the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department, addresses Lyndonville High School students this morning during the drunk driving simulation.

Mike Heideman, Lyndonville’s second assistant chief, said serious car accidents with teen-agers are among the most difficult calls for firefighters.

Lee Dillenbeck, Lyndonville athletic director and dean of students, also addressed the students, urging them to be good friends to each other and take away the car keys if they see someone has been drinking and tries to drive.

Kendall Central School and first responders also did a similar drunk driving presentation for its high school students recently.

Some of the volunteers in the Lyndonville Fire Department pose for a photo after cleaning up some of the debris from the scene this morning. The firefighters asked the students to consider volunteering with the Fire Department.