Signs opposing wind turbine project in Yates are being removed

Posted 1 August 2016 at 2:42 pm


With the proposed Apex industrial wind turbine project in Somerset and Yates there are those who are opposed and those who support the wind turbines. This is normal.

However, as one who is opposed to the project, along with many others, we have placed signs on our property which display our opinion. Supporters of the project have also placed many signs along their property.

I am writing to document the fact that many of the SOS anti-wind signs are being removed by persons unknown. This has been reported to the sheriff and steps are being taken to identify the thief (or thieves).

For the record, no one opposed to the turbines has removed one pro-wind turbine sign. We respect the right to free speech. We respectfully ask that Apex and Lighthouse Wind do the same and publicly request people to cease and desist in unlawful removal of signs which are in opposition to their project.

I also ask those who have had their signs removed to report this to the sheriff.

Susan E. Dudley