Sierra Club gives endorsement of Lighthouse Wind

Staff Reports Posted 30 October 2018 at 1:39 pm

BARKER – The Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter has unanimously and formally endorsed the proposed Lighthouse Wind project of Apex Clean Energy in Somerset and Yates as being environmentally sound, according to a press release from Apex and the Sierra Club.

“The Apex wind project is exactly what Western New Yorkers need to harness the power of community benefits through strong, local, renewable power,” said Kate Bartholomew, chapter chair of Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter. “Renewable energy projects like Lighthouse Wind are key in ensuring we not only meet New York’s climate goals but also, a just and equitable transition to 100 percent clean, renewable economy. Sierra Club looks forward to working with Apex and local communities to ensure this and other projects across the state are built to meet the strong environmental safeguards, fair labor standards, and prioritize local, community hiring.”

Executive committee members from the Sierra Club’s Niagara Group attended the Oct. 2 presentation by Apex, where company officials and consultants presented results of studies on environmental factors including bird mortality (such as raptors and other large birds), bat mortality, noise levels, flicker effect, soil erosion, and post installation utilization of farm lands.

“For more than a century, the Sierra Club has served as a leading voice to protect and ensure the ongoing quality of our natural environment,” said Dave Phillips, Apex Clean Energy vice president of environmental. “The endorsement of the Lighthouse Wind project by the Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club should send a clear signal to local stakeholders as well as those in state government. Lighthouse Wind is an environmentally sound project and a key contributor to the state of New York achieving its ambitious 2030 renewable energy targets.”

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