Sidonio’s wife says he has shown extraordinary dedication to helping community

Posted 5 September 2017 at 12:48 pm


Joe Sidonio, my husband, has a wonderful vision for a healthy community that works together – residents, governance and public servants. He hopes to make this vision a reality in our very own Town of Murray.

His ideal is one that we all should reach for – a community where each citizen belongs, where each citizen is valued, and each is served by both the elected officials and the rules designed by and for those citizens.

His vision is for a community that is beautiful, a community where the conservation of resources – streams and woodland, open fertile farmland and ancient trees, as well as the stately homes and barns of our history – are loved and preserved.

The community of his vision is one where businesses are allowed to flourish and jobs are created, and in addition a community where creative expression and the arts are supported fully. This innovative community is managed as efficiently as possible with fiscal prudence and conservatism, and with clarity, inclusiveness and openness.

These are Joe’s hopes. These are the reasons that he runs for the position of Supervisor of the Town of Murray.

Joe’s financial background, including his accounting degree, serve him well and would serve our town well, too. His solid understanding of finance and his probing and insightful grasp of both the detail and the big picture of financial management are necessary and sharp. His scrupulous honesty is more than admirable. Together these assets mean that he is fit and trustworthy for governance.

Joe Sidonio is a remarkable and wonderful person.  His willingness to give and his caring are routinely expressed in significant and sensitive ways. He notices when there is a need – and is there to help fill it – perhaps a donation needed for a specific special cause, perhaps an inspirational program to be created and put in place,  perhaps an older citizen needing special attention or a boost or a smile or a friend while in a nursing home, perhaps a helping hand extended to a neighbor, perhaps bringing people together who have common purpose and interests. There are dozens of examples of each of these special qualities throughout his life and all around us within our town.

I am very proud of Joe to have had the courage, the energy and the commitment to run for this office.  In discussions that we have had over many, many years we have often said that the one way to shape a positive future is to be actively involved in the shaping process. The one way to solve problems is to step up to the job, volunteer, be responsible and care enough to put the time into the solution. Joe has done all of this.

Joe has put hours of work into this community – far beyond the hours and resources spent on this campaign. For years Joe has taken the time to become educated about rural governance. He has read, asked, attended, researched, questioned, reflected, written, and worked hard to be involved, and to search for answers from local to state to national authorities to the difficult questions facing our community – and all rural communities.  It is quite amazing that he has done this work for us all.

His displayed leadership has now inspired citizens to follow in his footsteps and be more aware of the world around them, to be interested in the future of their community, to believe in the positive and in possibility, and to care! What a gift Joe has given us all.

Thank you, Joe Sidonio.

Amy Machamer, his spouse